Ark Survival Evolved and Dark and Light Server,85XTAME~ECO/s+/STACK/SPOILER

Map: The Island

Connection Info:


XP Multiplier: 10

Harvest Amount Multiplier: 10

Taming Speed Multiplier: 85

Mods:  ecoTrees, eco’s Terrariums, eco’s Garden Decor, Meat Spoiler, Resource Stacks, Annunaki Genesis (v3.21.0), Structures Plus (S+), Dragon Gods, Pet Finder ModDEd SerVEr x25XIp

Query Info:

XP Multiplier: 25

Harvest Amount Multiplier: 25

Taming Speed Multiplier: 45

Mods: Stacks+ 10x Larger Stacks, Colorful Creatures, Dragon Core, Steampunk Mod